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2003 DeVille Talisman DTS
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We bought a 2002 DeVille DTS in the fall of 2014. It is my Bride's car. From the time we bought it, it showed the ABS and Traction System lights on the dashboard. We had this checked at a dealer shortly after buying it. The sensors are the culprits. The dealer gave us a price of a few thousand dollars to replace and recalibrate. We decided against it, and our mechanic is looking for the best price on the units involved. We got through this brutal winter (2014-2015) in northeast New Jersey with no problems.

Today (6 April 2015), my Bride got a "Service Engine Soon" warning. I pulled the DTC codes and in addition to the ABS codes (1214, 1248), I also got PCM code P0741 and RIM code

After pulling the codes, I cleared them. I am now awaiting my wife's return from a 20 mile (round-trip) predominantly highway drive to see if the alert returns. I fully expect that they will.

I checked the definitions of these codes on a link I got from the discussion thread spanning eight years on this forum. I know the systems involved.

Thus I ask, what is the quickest solve to the problem? Would fixing the ABS and Traction sensors quiet the Torque Converter code? Would fixing the Air Suspension system do it? Would fixing the Torque Converter eliminate the Air Suspension system code? And why does it seem like the moon follows me!?! OK! So the last one is off topic. However, I will greatly appreciate answers on the others.


In response to this when it was posted as a reply to another thread, I was advised to include code definitions, since those who answer have not memorized them.

C0660 - Level Control Exhaust Valve Circuit Malfunction

P0741 - TC
C System Stuck Off


C1214 - System Relay Contact or Coil Circuit Open
C1248 - EBCM Turned the Red Brake Warning Indicator On
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