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service engine light

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Strange thing happened today. I was racing my brother down the interstate he has a acura tl. Needless to say he got the jump and that was it. By the time I hit third he couldn't believe that my caddie moved like that. Anyway as we exited off and pulled into a parking lot I was revving the motor and bragging and then I shut the car off and started talking. Once I left about 5min into my drive my sevice engine light came on and my heart skipped a beat. I pulled over and with the car still running I checked the codes and got a p0151 for a heated O2 sensor low voltage. As with some of these codes I have no idea what they mean. The car drives fine. Is this a problem leading to a bigger problem or nothing to worry about. For the past week I've been driving the s&*t out of the car. I also got a code for the massiveairflow sensor P0101. This only comes up on a WOT. the strange thing is once the code appears the tranny shifts like its suped up I mean catching gears like my Regal. Is this common?:hmm:
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I'd clear the code and see if it comes back. Might just be a slow to respond sensor. Worst case it you might have to replace the sensor if it becomes frequent.

As for the MAF code, I am not really sure. Are you running a stock air filter?
To my understanding everything is OE. When ever I get into the car or floor it it will throw that code and from that point on the tranny shifts hard. I mean it basically jumps out of 1st and 2nd gear like a race car. Eventually the car goes back to normal and the engine light will go out in 3-4 hours or right then if I reset the code. I cleared the code for the O2 sensor and as of now it hasn't came back. This car baffles me I've never seen nothing like it. I'm use to poppn the hood and fixing whatever but now I find myself just staring at it like how in the world do you work on this thing. Any insight would be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance
sounds like o2 sensor to me, if he was romping it couldn't he have just covered the o2 sensor in carbon or something?
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