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This is my first time posting to this forum. I have a 1987 Touring Sedan, and I think it is of the Deville model but not sure. No mechanic can seem to find "Touring Sedan" in their books.

I have a 4100 engine and I have just received a service code E30 which, according to my factory service manual is Idle Speed Control circuit error. I am assuming a problem with my idle speed control unit next to the throttle body, but everything looked OK. Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated.


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Your car is NOT a "Touring Sedan". That's just an aftermarket kit put on by someone. If you check your VIN, you'll see by the 4th and 5th digits what the car is.
CB = Fleetwood D'Elegance
CD = Deville
CS = Fleetwood Sixty Special
DW = Brougham
KS = Seville

I only included the most likey possibilities.

Your code 30 could be several things, chances are the idle stop screw has been "jacked" up to set the idle rather than have the ISC control the idle, or something similar.
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