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service airbag light

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i repaired a 2006 sts that did not have the airbags deployed. however, it displays a service airbag indicator and the passenger airbag indicator on the ceiling says that the passenger airbag never turns on, even with a passenger. I read about the seat belt pretensers and the driver's side belt does not retract very well when unbuckled, is this the same thing as the pretensioner?

my main question is, will taking it to a dealer and having it scanned help me locate the problem or am i better off just taking the seat wiring harness apart and cleaning the connections myself?
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Any new updates about the b1000 code? I have a 2008 Cadillac STS 3.6 4wd base and the airbag light is on. I brought it to the Cadillac dealer yesterday to have them reprogram the new radio a bought for it since the old one was damaged when I got the car. So long story short the guy from the service area told me that the radio can’t be reprogram due to the b1000 code that is causing an internal electric problem. Any idea?
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