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service airbag light

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i repaired a 2006 sts that did not have the airbags deployed. however, it displays a service airbag indicator and the passenger airbag indicator on the ceiling says that the passenger airbag never turns on, even with a passenger. I read about the seat belt pretensers and the driver's side belt does not retract very well when unbuckled, is this the same thing as the pretensioner?

my main question is, will taking it to a dealer and having it scanned help me locate the problem or am i better off just taking the seat wiring harness apart and cleaning the connections myself?
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can they tell which seat it is by the code?
could you please elaborate on how you diagnosed and fixed the problem? how did you "get the tensioners to behave"? i have searched quite a bit on this site already.
took it in today and it had code b0081 which is the passenger presence system. i guess it says it has an internal electrical failure. they want 380 for the part and +600 for the parts and labor. anyone fix this themselves?
getting a whole new seat for way less than they wanted for just the seat bottom but i will still need to bring it in after to get recalibrated.
well, i have an update with good news and bad news. i replaced the passenger presence sensor with one from a used seat. the used seat i bought ended up not having ventilation or the speakers on the top of the seat so i took both of them apart and just replaced the passenger presence sensor. after i fixed that the passenger presence system appeared to work since it now indicated that there was some one there appropriately on the overhead console. I brought it in to clear the air bag light and now it's throwing B1000-00 electronic control unit performance, U2103-00 fewer controllers on bus than programmed (which really mystified the mechanics since it said it was looking for two sensors that they didn't think my car had) B0081-71 pass presence system invalid serial data received.

they thought that the SDM (sensing and diagnostic module) needed to be replaced. This was done at a different dealership but I don't remember any of these codes showing up the first time it was scanned.

Did replacing the passenger presence sensor with a used on mess everything up or does anyone have any other insight before I drop $500 on replacing the SDM?
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