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96 Sedan DeVille 4.6L
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Service Air Bag light came on about a year ago

When I run the codes, I get the following:
SD1071.....Internal Derm fault (Air bag module under drivers seat)
SD1077.....Never been able to get a description for this code in Alldata

I can reset the (Svc and Diagnostic Module Codes) and the Air Bag warning will stay off
until I turn off car. Comes back when I and restart vehicle........Obviously, this doesn't fix the
problem. Just allows me to look at all other engine parameters like
temp, rpm,mpg,etc....

Service Air Bag light doesn't come on on days above 90 degrees

I Read all the threads.......adjusted travel in both front seats and played
with the seat belts (in and out)

Wondering If should try disconnecting the big yellow cable running to the Air
Bag Control Module under driver seat and applying di-electric grease to connector and
re-attaching it....... I disconnect neg side of battery and remove SIR fuse in trunk?

Solved a lot of issues with this car(Thanks in part to this group) but this one remains
a mystery to me.

Any ideas are welcome....Thanks

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SD1071.....Internal Derm fault (Air bag module under drivers seat)
Sounds like a module failure to me. I don't think any amount of adjusting or pulling & tugging is going to help.
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