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2001 catera
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i had my power steering pump and hydraulic hose and serpentine belt replaced 4 months/ 5,000 miles ago. when i got it back, it sounded alittle whiney to me. especially noticed with the stereo off. my mechanic said all was good.
saturday night the belt broke!!! my mechanic installed a new one under warranty and said everything checks out. compressor, alternator, power steering, tensioner, water pump etc. i haven't picked it up yet, but he says it still has a slight whine to it. he says that because of a revision in the steering pump, that is what i'm hearing.
seems alittle strange to me, what i got a defective belt that broke in 5,000 miles. i guess time will tell.
any ideas, what would cause the noise or the premature serpentine belt failure?
thanks for your help, robert:bigroll:
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