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Serpentine Belt misaligned

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So, I noticed this a week ago & thought it was a fluke. I guess not. It happened again today.

My serpentine belt is off track 2 "rows"....know what I mean by rows? And it’s only off track on the main "wheel" on top. It’s perfectly in line on all the other places.

The tensioner pulley was replaced maybe a month ago. The belt itself was replaced a week after that, only because I had a new belt installed before the tensioner pulley was replaced (maybe 2 weeks prior to that) - so this is belt #2. All was well for about 2 weeks, and then this happened.

I can put the belt back to where it’s supposed to be using a breaker bar, but obviously something isn't right.

I check it every day, to be sure it’s where it’s supposed to be. But there is belt dust from the side of the belt closest to the engine rubbing against something.

Any ideas on what's not lined up properly?
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I had a similar situation on my TurboCoupe. When the pulley was removed to replace a waterpump, a large washer with the pulley was reinstalled in front intead of behind the pulley. It was enough to misalign the belt and cause it to wear our prematurely.
I would start by taking it back to where you got the tensioner replaced and have them install it right this time. Or perhaps it's a defective pully. I'm surprised that the belt didn't shred as soon as it jumped the notch.
Any ideas on what's not lined up properly?
Yep, the shop didn't put something back together properly. Have them take it apart and re assemble everything again, correctly.

Good luck!
If you loosen the tension with a breaker bar and realign it, will it track correctly or does it jump track again?
If you loosen the tension with a breaker bar and realign it, will it track correctly or does it jump track again?
It goes back to where its supposed to be. I check it every day. Its a random thing. It will be fine for a while, then all of a sudden, its out of line.
I have no idea what jumped two rows means, I had NO idea that you could misalgin those things.
The same thing happened to me on my 97 SLS. The power steering pump was replaced and the grooved wheel for it was not put on all the way. It was only off by 1/8 inch, but it caused unusual wear on the top of the belt. Luckily, it did not jump rows as yours did. Look straight down on your belt from the front of the car. Do any of the wheels for the train look out of alignment or possibly not true? This could cause it to jump.
One of the pulleys is definitely out of alignment. The P/S pump has a small lug that has to fit in a boss in the block casting as I recall and is easy to misalign. Something was replaced and is not quite right.
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