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Serious Rear Differential Failure Question

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With all this talk of CTS rear differential howl and failures, I started questioning whether my '04 3.6 is OK or on borrowd time. This weekend I slid under the rear to visually check it out. My '04 has 26,000 miles and no whine, but to my surprise (and dismay) I found that both inner CV boots on both sides of the differential are leaking grease. I could see the spray on the underbody from centifical force of the shaft turning at speed and when I looked at the seam where the boot is held on by the clamp, it was covered in black grease. One swipe of the clamp with my finger revealed a thick covering of CV grease that had leaked out of the boot. Now I need to take it in to be inspected and have both boots replaced.

Note to everyone with a CTS - I never saw droplets or evidence of leakage on my garage floor (the grease is too thick). It wasn't until the others on this forum convinced me to get under and look for myself that I even discovered a problem. For both boots to be leaking at the same time makes me suspect there is a product or design defect with the boots/retaining rings themselves.

I will post what the dealer says after I take it in as it is still uder warranty, but I wonder if this boot leakage isn't the main cause for all the differential failures and dried out CV joints that causes the howling?

Anyone else experience this or have the technician/mechanic bring it to your attention?
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Boot leakage would not cause a differential failure; they're two totally separate pieces. Of course boot leakage can lead to premature CV joint failure, but CV joints don't howl when they fail, it's more of a ckunking or knocking sound.
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