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Now that the big update is out, do we know if they plan on using the cameras as security dashcams?

I am so afraid to park this beauty in a costco parking lot or similar. Scared of door dings and people scratching the car and such.
Yes, I would hope for this feature soon. Even here in Grand Rapids, MI, people seem to not care about those parking adjacent to them. That is why at stores I also try to park somewhat far away from anyone else. However, there have been store parking lot purse snatchings and the like, even in broad daylight, so you increase your risk by remote parking.
If your Cadillac doesn't have it on the day you buy it, you're taking a very big chance expecting it to add a feature in the future. Granted, Cadillac kept its promise about Super Cruise and low-end Surround Vision, but Surround Vision Recorder was actively deleted from 2023 and 2024, so expecting Cadillac to someday add Sentry Mode without even having the ability to record the cameras while driving is very unrealistic.
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