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Sending directions from my cadillac

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I'm trying to generate driving instructions to my 2017 xts using my cadillac app..i can't get past entering the destination city.ive done it before but can't figure out how to do it.after entering destination,I click on car icon,and system just keeps spinning.any suggestions.thanks.
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I just tried it. When you enter your destination and hit that little blue arrow (it looks like >) to the right of the destination, it does bring up the next screen that says "send to maps" or "send to turn by turn"... I can send to maps (I use Waze, and it opens fine) but when I hit send to turn by turn it says - Unexpected server response. Please try again. If this issue persists please contact support for assistance.
Seems like the server is down or something? Never saw that before...
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