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Seeking definitive troubleshooting guide for Door Handle Remote Keyless Entry problem

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Thanks to all prior member posts about the micro switches or the door handle antenna, however, I'm still confused about the troubleshooting steps. There was a detailed matrix posted by one really smart member, but that goes over my head. I'm not that tech savvy.

Is there anyone who can post a step by step procedure to test out the remote keyless entry problem?

My issue is like many others. At first, I noticed that pulling the door handle did not open the door. I can open it with the door key. I put a new battery in the key fob. No change. The 2nd key fob also behaves the same. Strangely, the issue seemed intermittent, but then became permanent.

The passenger door opens without the key. The keyless system seems to work fine on passenger side.

Like probably many unsophisticated readers of this forum, I don't see a definitive "how to" diagnose the Door Antenna Issue vs. Microswitch problems (realizing that there could be other issues also).

If there is someone who can explain the troubleshooting in plain English, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Unfortunately, my problem still exist. Though it intermittently works fine for a few days. When it does not work I believe there is no red LED light that flashes when I attempt to open the door. Not sure if the other doors unlock when I pull the handle. I was going to test it, but lo and behold it’s working fine now....for now!

Is there anything I should attempt to inspect inside the door panel? Bear in mind I am mechanically challenged. I can take off the door panel though. Anything electrical or testing same is not my forte.

Is there anything I should lubricate? If it’s really the micro switches or the antenna going bad, I assume there is no point in lubricant. If yes to lube what kind? WD40?

Does rain make a difference? It’s lightly raining now and the system is working. But earlier today the system was not working. It was not raining then.

Let’s assume it stops working again. Safe bet. How do I know whether it is the micro switch or the antenna? Or possibly the latch release? Help me trouble shoot this please.

Approach with key fob....pull handle. No LED. No door open/unlatch. Other doors unlock. Equals?

Unlock with remote on key fob. Approach. Pull handle. No LED. No open/unlatch. Equals?

Can always open/unlatch with the physical key. And passenger side always works.

Please help me narrow this down. Thanks much.

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I'm currently having no problems. It started to work again.

I have a OBDII scanner made by BlueDriver. I'm not sure, but I used it to read for codes and then clear codes and it does a deep dive on codes. There were some codes for loss of contact with the radio which I've noticed before. Doubting that clearing the codes caused a KeyFob reading problem. But maybe.

I did change the battery in the fob. Assuming that there is not a reprogramming required for a simple battery swap.

Both my fobs were not working with the door unlock feature. But since yesterday, they both are working.

This was only the driver door Passenger works fine.

Also, I did replace the window control switches on the driver side about 5 weeks ago. But there was not fob/door problem until weeks later.

But, it's working now. So I am at a loss to explain that. If I had to hazard a diagnosis it would be micro switches as I believe the system is sensing the proximity of the fob, but not allowing the latch to open the door. I believe the LED light goes on signaling that the antenna is working and receiving the fob signal. But, that's my recollection. I can't test it now as it is working as intended now.

Is there any logic to resetting the computer module (not sure which one) that might cause a temporary malfunction? Or, as i read in one post, a member had his mechanic reset the computer module (again, not sure which one) and the lock started working correctly again.

It's a confusing system for sure. If it is the micro switches, I might try to tackle replacing them myself. I'll have to study the "how to" posts in the forum first.

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I like your idea. I too tried to spray liquid wrench into the keyhole as well as into the areas behind the door handle. Also, sprayed it on the latch mechanism. Using the extension straw I tried to insert it into the areas where there was an opening. Seemed to help. I haven't had a lock out since.

There was one day I thought it had stopped working, but I held the handle out and after about 3 or 4 seconds the door opened. Then it started working consistently again.

Whether this is a band aid or not, I don't know. But, it worked. Coincidence? Maybe. I plan on removing the door panel and inspecting the whole mechanism and switches if it stops again. But for now, it works again!!

Crazy how intermittent it is. When it doesn't work and I approach the car that is locked, the LED light is definitely OFF. But if I hold the handle out, the rear doors will unlock. If I unlock the doors with the key fob and pull the handle, still no light. So using the chart/matrix from another post, it seems that I have micro switch failure. But the intermittent nature is bizarre.

But that is all when it's not working and right now it's all working!!
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What is the relay click? When mine is not working I don’t get the red LED and I don’t hear anything like a click. If I hold the handle out the other locks will unlock. The door won’t open though.
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