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Seeking definitive troubleshooting guide for Door Handle Remote Keyless Entry problem

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Thanks to all prior member posts about the micro switches or the door handle antenna, however, I'm still confused about the troubleshooting steps. There was a detailed matrix posted by one really smart member, but that goes over my head. I'm not that tech savvy.

Is there anyone who can post a step by step procedure to test out the remote keyless entry problem?

My issue is like many others. At first, I noticed that pulling the door handle did not open the door. I can open it with the door key. I put a new battery in the key fob. No change. The 2nd key fob also behaves the same. Strangely, the issue seemed intermittent, but then became permanent.

The passenger door opens without the key. The keyless system seems to work fine on passenger side.

Like probably many unsophisticated readers of this forum, I don't see a definitive "how to" diagnose the Door Antenna Issue vs. Microswitch problems (realizing that there could be other issues also).

If there is someone who can explain the troubleshooting in plain English, it would be greatly appreciated.


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When my intermittent door handle acts up I shoot the inside of the key lock with CRC electrical cleaner. (I'm assuming it eventually makes it's way to the switches) I shoot a liberal amount in there with the straw attachment. I place a blue shop towel right below the lock, but it appears that it does not hurt the finish. I work the handle back and lightly contorting the angle of pull. I then follow that up with a liberal amount of liquid wrench deep penetrating oil followed by another minute of working the handle. My handle had stopped working for about 6 months before I tried this. I bought the micro-switches and was about to swap them out, I had nothing to lose. This was 2 years ago and acts up every once in a while.
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