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Seat travel - can I extend it?

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On my 00' STS the seat only goes back so far and after some time behind the wheel my legs tend to cramp up. Is there some way of allowing the drivers seat to travel a bit farther back than what it was designed for?

On my Tbird Supercoupe there were tabs that could tapped back to allow for that but really dont want start taking things apart on this car if its not possible.

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:confused: How tall ARE you ??? I'm 6'3" and 255, and the seat in my '02 will travel so far back that it's uncomfortable to try and reach the pedals ! I betcha there's something wedged under the driver's seat, like the past owner's umbrella....Pull the loose vinyl flap on the door side of the seat cushion out and scope out the underside with a good flashlight. Prepare to be scared by all the motors and wiring.
I'll give that a try and let you know. 6'1 - 290 btw.
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