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2008 CTS4 DI - EU version
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When I'm driving with my boss (whom I definitely consider heavy load, he's like 18-20 st). Now I don't have high hopes that this is fixable, but unless he's almost perfectly still (not quite possible on urban roads) the seat creaks. Or maybe it's the backrest, I don't know. The point that it really does my head in and I'd appreciate any suggestions how to address it (other than things like "douse the entire seat in WD40").

Then again, this might be the lesser problem at hand. This happened only a few minutes ago. I was reversing out of a car park to a street, then started doing a sharp forward turn and as I was coming out of it, the car sharply decelerated with the traction control (Stabilitrak™) light flashing and I'm really not sure, but I might have heard some grindy noise from the front axle (it's an AWD car if relevant). Although that might be brakes or even some items shifting in the interior, it was a really brief event (under a second probably).

I parked the car as I intended then and I still have a quite long journey ahead of me today, so I'm wondering just how serious this is or if it's juts the electronics acting up again.
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