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Seat controls

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Guys how is it that I need to replace the controls on both front seats
The driver's side has went nutty on the forward aft movement(reversed) and now the side bolsters don't work on both sides(yet the passenger side controls are arely used)
What causes this?
Moisture? wear? Age??
My dad's h2 is doing the same on the side bolster and has limited track travel due to this
Just hate to know how much this is going to cost
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Reverse controls is the position sensor, i did a write up about this about a year ago with pictures. Replacing the buttons wont fix that...... your really need a computer that can read the positoin of the seats to know wihch way its out.

What you do is remove the plug for the position sensor, roll the seat the opperiste way your supposed to (after you have read the sensor with the computer), it will only move about 1/2inch as theres no input for the position sensor, keep doing this till its all the way back OR forward, then put the sensor on and roll it the other way.

What your doing is correcting for a bad position sensor location, your moving the seat with no sensor, this rolling the sensor one way to correct for the incorrect position. You can do any of this withut having a computer to tell you which was outs out though.

Do it the wrong way and you put it out alot further.

Bolster, not sure about, mine is intermittent. Personally just think is bad wiring, maybe corrosion as most of my area under the seat looks to have surface rust, my BMW doesn't have any rust in it at all (15 years old).
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How can both seats have the same issue though(both don't work on the bolster)

My dad's h2 hasn't been driven in winter and the bolster control on the driver's seat doesn't work(I think his is the switch)

I plan on taking one of them to the dealer as I don't have a tech-2 yet(planning on getting real soon though) to figure it out better


Mind posting the link to your thread and I will try it out after I have checked the readouts with the tech-2 as I am going to see if I can get my dad to let me take his h2 in as it has limited travel and he can't drive the truck due to that

His goes so far back then the motor shuts off
Mine just tries to keep going

It's just weird how both my front seats have the bolster issue
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Not sure the dealer will help, i figured it out by reading the sensor as i was moving the chair.

Heres an example (of what mine did).

I would move my chair forward, then 8 inches from the steering it stopped, it wasnt fully forward. Sometimes when i pulled BACK on the seat button it went more forward, so at that point the controls had reversed.

The below numbers are likely wrong but gives you the reason behind whats going on…. The tester showed the seat position sensors was at 32000 (it counts up as it went forward) then at that point went from 32000 to -32000 so that button then did the reverse, pulling back went forward as the seat computer reached its "count" limit.

I guess they thought the amount of play they would have would be fine, however after 10 years of use it got out of spec. So moving the seat with the position sensor unplugged allow you to move the seat and it not count, then plug it in to make it count "down" to 0.

Thing is you only get about 300 counts for a full movement, so would take you hours to reset it. I am guessing its a disc with holes in it (a bad one at that), knowing GM just replaced the whole base of the seat it would have come with the motor, position sensor and computer, they wont be able to diagnose that kind of thing. I would think the Tech2 would do it, however did they have training on the seat counter? Would high think not, when they just replace the whole seat base when it played up.

The post with the picture is below (took me a while to find it)
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Huge thanks for the link

The tech-2 can read the seat sensor position(and allow you to control it also) I have seen this done on mine first hand so it will help(going to be getting my own if the dealer won't help me figure it out but they normally do help)

My dad's h2 has the limited travel(moves so far then stops) when going from front to back of the tracks

I have looked under both seats and can both see and reach the sensor harness for that motor so if I can see where at on the sensor position it's getting the wrong data I can fix it(hopefully)
It's just got this weird clip holding it in place and is hard to work with just one hand under the seat

I will still need to figure out why the side bolsters stopped working on both trucks(weird how both stopped working at the same time)

Now to do some reading :)
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Seat bolsters are weird, mine are intermittent. Mine also "sag" to being off, its not air powered is it (loosing air?). I think most of the problems on these trucks is bad ground, all GM cars in the UK suffered from that. Remove ground connections, 800 snad paper at that connection point on the chassis and lug fixed MANY problems that never returned normally.

Same with BMW cars (however that tends to be the battery not the ground terminals).
Well I know these trucks are bad for weird stuff when the battery goes bad
My dad's h2 would never level properly when it's battery was going south(among other stuff going crazy in the truck)
Though he had me install a brand new battery not long ago in it

Mine though has a few years on the battery but it's not gave me issues from it so far
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