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Seat Belt Buckle/End Missing.....can't find anywhere

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We just purchased a 2002 Escalade V8 6.0 yesterday.

We found out the rear passenger seat (directly behind front passenger seat) is missing the buckle attachment for the shoulder belt. All that remained was a metal bar with what looks like part of the old part.

I've spent most of today searching the web but cannot seem to find it....nothing that matches what I pulled.

I've attached a photo of the part in hopes that someone here can tell me why I can't find it and possibly supply the part number.

The number that are on the black bar and also silver part return no results online.

The interior of the car, including all of the seat buckles/ends are tan in my model.

Thank you in advance and I appreciate your time.

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Call a dealer and get the part number for it

Then you can search on line for it
KINNEY0201 said:
I meant to attach the service sticker from the glove box. There's alot of codes on here, but does this indicate the color (shale) that you were referring to? Thanks again.<img src=""/>
The only way to tell what rpo code is what is with a rpo code look up

I say that as my truck has a different rpo code there(mine is in raven black with the shale interior)


I have a list of rpo codes and will look it up though
Yep it's for the shale interior color

I had to search the list to find it haha(really loonngg list)

If you have any other codes your curious about just post or let me know
KINNEY0201 said:
Awesome. Thanks again. I sure do appreciate it. Still scouring the salvage yards trying to find it. Nobody seems to have parts for this truck, it's crazy!
I know how you feel I have been trying to find a center console to source some parts from for my mom's 02 escalade and i had found one at a salvage yard(via the network)
only to find out when I got to the yard that was supposed to have it and find out they had crushed it :(
They was supposed to have the center console but nope
I haven't looked in awhile as I hate to hear them say they had crushed the donor truck
KINNEY0201 said:
That's incredible. I am finding it so hard to find parts and even diagrams. Only had the truck for less than a week and so many issues. Thank goodness for this forum!
I can help with any wiring diagrams if you need them
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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