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There is a scammer going by the name of hollifield and another by the name of benedicthilary007 running rampant in the classifieds. They'll PM you off your ad and they speak broken english and then request Venmo/ Paypal friends and family. Please be careful!

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mods are aware and it's being worked on . going forward it would be helpful if you use the "report post" icon at the bottom of any post, so we can pinpoint which post/user you are bringing up. thanks.

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byrdman, the reason that there was no "Report Post" is because there were no posts from either scammer. They were looking at the Classifieds and either e-mailing/phoning those that unknowingly posted an e-mail/phone address or they were using the site Conversation (PM) ability to contact members directly. Be careful. Reports from members such as ChrisEdwards are the only way to sleuth them out.

I just found them both and did a permaban on each. The second one named was in Nigeria.

Keep your eyes open and report spammer/scammer crap like this ASAP - from ANY forum on-site.. Thanks.

NEVER post your telephone number or e-mail - use our internal site Conversations (PM) system.

To find a username, especially for someone with no posts, click on Top Contributors, View All, on the Home page. Left column, scroll down to Find Member - type in the username and hit Enter.
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