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Hello there everyone. Ive been reading on the forums for a few days and have probly absorbed more information about my car than I knew in the first place. Awesome forums!
Midaswell introduce myself... Im just Eric. I own and drive an 89 Fleetwood Brougham that Im trying desperatly to save from deteriorating.It is grey with red leather interior. the paint is fading and peeling because the previous owner took it to Maaco. I purchased the car from an elderly woman who had it sitting by the bay for sevral months.(YUK!)There are some underbody rust issues but the car runs and drives. Its a little rough and still has some minor emissions and fuel problems, but that is to be expected from any car than has been sitting.
Frankly, I purchased the car becasue the seats were comfortable.. Hell, if the car didnt run, Id have a beutifiull living room set. The drive is amazingly smoothe, and I plan on keeping hte car for quite some time. Im thinking of doing something special to it. mabey along the lines of a motor swap (DavesDeville Seems to be fond of the 500, mabey Ill consider that option if the price is right) Either way, Im up for suggestions. Ill be reading and posting as time passes by, and Ill probly have some pics up in the future too. Itll be good hearing from people who actually know stuff, so thanks in advance!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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