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Saying Hello to all

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Hello folks:

New owner of a 2007 CTS Sport, 18inch wheel package, Handling package , Luxury Pack and Bose edition.

Loving it :worship:

Really enjoying reading the threads and being a part of the community.

Just got the ride tinted and spoilerized today, Even looking better.

I'll tell ya that it makes the whole vehicle look different.

Loving the Sunset blue color new this year from Cadillac

I'll post before and after pictures tomorrow just so you guys can see the change.

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Sunset blue????


the rest of he welcome wagon should be coming in soon
:welcome: to the forum! Congrats on the new CTS. :thumbsup:
Yep Sunset blue

New Color for 2007

here is a taste W/O tints and spolier

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Any help in posting a picture would be great

Links to old threads?

THanks for the warm welcome

Congrats on the new CTS, just got mine a month and 3 days ago. Go to to upload and host the pics. Then put your post on here. Since you're new here like me your post won't show up right away but I believe one of the Mods will approve it and it will show up later. I put up a picture in my first thread and it took a couple of hours but it showed up finally.
Welcome, I haven't seen that color on a sport version with the 18's yet. Looking forward to those pics! :thumbsup:
OK here are some shots of the new rig, Spoiler and tints added

I'll give it a try posting one photo and if that works, Later I'll post some more

Thanks in advance for the patience ;)

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Nice! Love that new color, saw the CTS in that Sunset Blue at the New England auto show, looks even better in person.
looks good
what percent tint do you have?
Thanks Jon for the Hook up and posting the Pictures for me.

In case anyone was wondering how Jon managed to grow Palm trees in Canada :)) The Top Pic is w/o tints and the Spoiler.

The new Color is very cool. From certain angles it looks gun metal grey, But when you look at it close it's like a sky blue, Real different.

Jon let me know which selection from imagesahck you use and what I did wrong, and thanks again for the help.

looks good
what percent tint do you have?
Don't know the dealer did them to Florida state specs

The Fronts are a hair lighter than the back

I may just have to rectify that;)

No problem.

I just went into your img tag and took out and used that.

The second pic was a little different. I found a URL in your tag and went to that link, the right clicked on the pic.

The next time you post a pic, here's what you need to do: After you upload the picture to imageshack, it will redirect you to a page. You need to use "Direct Link to Image". Copy that link. When you post, use the following:
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