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We never want to fall in love with a car so much that we don't want to sell it. I just sold my 04 CTS with 37k miles on it and another 2 years of gmpp. My wife and I flip-flopped 10 times a day on keeping vs selling it. I has been a perfect car. But selling it with 37k brought me many more $$ than selling it with 45k. In my mind, at 45 or 50 k, it is just another old car. Low mileage vehicles, on the other hand, bring premium dollars.

BTW, I usually buy my used cars with 5 or 10k miles on them. Then I drive for a year or two; then I sell them without losing too much. If I buy the cars wholesale, sometimes I drive for free--when I sell at retail.

Now, I certainly do the required maint and purchase tires, etc. I figure those expenses are normal maint. I would have to make those expenditures no matter what I drive.

my 2 cents.
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