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2007 CTS-V
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Hey guys,

I was vacationing in southern Calif last week and saw a couple of really good looking V's wondered if it might have been any of you.

I saw 2 black ones around the Malibu Beach area, one had blacked out tail lights parked on the side of the road and then I had a black one pass me ,,with what looked like a BB exhaust on it,,,im sure the driver wondered what a 300M was doin tryin to run him down,,,I just wanted to hear the car rumble,,,LOL..

then I saw a Silver one around the San Diego area on the interstate and a Red one leaving Sea World on Friday,,,

Anyways,,,they all looked great,,,made me miss mine even more,,,even though its been in the shop (where it is now) more than ive even owned the thing,,

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