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I'm am making room for an Audi RS6. I thought I could do away with 2 cars, but it's not really practical for me...
2005 Cadillac CTS-V – lease take over or if there's a way to buy out the lease?

Pictures located here:

*Exterior Color: Platinum Silver
*Interior Color: Neutral (light tan)
*18,500 miles
*Mobil 1 Synthetic 5W-30 oil every 4,000 miles
*Rear Differential Fluid replaced at 17,000 miles (purely maintenance)
*Brand new Toyo T1-R High Performance Wet and Dry traction tires at 15,000 miles 255/45/18 low road noise, great grip, full warranty through Les Schwab (all paperwork included)
*All Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls Performed
*New Radiator at 17,000 miles
*Wheel hop spacers put in at 17,000 miles
*PCM Recall for VIN number in computer
*Llumar 20% charcoal color tint with lifetime warranty
*I operate a professional detailing shop, so this car has been detailed with love and care since delivery
*Wheels are in perfect condition; one of them is getting refinished at no cost
*this car has NEVER been to the track, although I wish I had taken her.

Terms of Lease
12,000 miles a year/48 months
$556.50 monthly payment
Lease ends in 3/2009

I’m a car guy. I love cars. I’m a member of a handful of Internet car discussion forums. I log on daily to just shoot the sh1t and talk about cars. My love for cars began at the wee age of 3 when my parents bought me my first set of hot wheels cars. I subscribe to 6 different automobile magazines. And until I graduated college and began working, all I could do was lust over cars. Then, I started making money and my hunt for the perfect car began.
My hunt for the perfect car had come to an end when I took delivery of my CTS-V on March 24, 2005. It took me 2 expensive cars over the course of 8 months (I don’t even want to talk about the money lost in all the transactions) to finally figure out what I wanted.

I absolutely love this car. She is a hoot to drive. She goes fast… and shockingly for a Cadillac… she HANDLES! I love washing and detailing her, I love looking at her, I love sitting in her, I love going on road trips with her…but at this point in my life, it’s become an unnecessary toy. She’s been worry free since day one.

If I were made of money, I wouldn’t be selling her. I own a second car, a 2001 Audi A6 4.2 and that serves my skiing needs, however she is getting old (high mileage car) and needs to be replaced. I am going to pick up an Audi RS6, but then I’d be stuck making payments on 2 vehicles that are $50,000+ sticker. I’m a multiple business owner and need to cut my costs, so one of my toys has to go. If the Cadillac were all wheel drive, I wouldn’t be having this dilemma. I do a lot skiing and without having two car payments, my needs are simple... all wheel drive. And what better way to squish performance and AWD into a package than with an Audi RS6.

I also drive a lot, and when I first leased the car, I wasn’t expecting to put so many miles on her. So before I really put the next buyer and myself in a deep hole, I’m going to detail her and put her in the garage until she sells. This kills me, but it has to be done.

So goes my story…. I love this car, and I will miss her dearly… I wish it didn’t have to go… <sigh>
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