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?'s for 3.2L auto owners

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So I've been housesitting for my sister for the past week. I've driven her 03' auto quite a bit the last few days and I've noticed alot more about the car then the previous times I've driven it.

My question is about burnouts and hard launches. When I floor it from a stop, it doesn't really get any power until about 4000 rpm and it won't chirp the tires.
Then if I try to brake-launch, the computer only allows me to rev to 2000 rpm and I still don't have enough power to chirp the tires from a launch. I even filled the tires to 34 lbs each and still nothing. Is this normal? For a sport sedan, I'd really love to be able to chirp the tires, even if she doesn't have a stick. I know it's only 220 hp, but still....
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I also have the 3.2L with an auto tranny and have noticed the same thing. Have you made sure to turn off the traction control (button is in the glove box)? This usually doesnt seem to be needed except when punching the gas in a tight turn or under careless throttle application on wet pavement, but it could be getting in your way a little bit. I recently installed the "TonyA ram-air intake" and found it definately gives me more response in the low rpms. Until you perform this mod or replace the stock airbox with the Volant as others have done, you dont realize just how much the engine is bogging down especially below 4000 rpm. The engine will be a bit louder in this range though, so your sister will definately notice if youre thinking about "upgrading" her car without her approval :devil:.

Now that I've made an effort to be helpful, all the 3.6L owners are gonna come in and bash on our "inferior" engine. :thepan:

*EDIT* - my bad AznPrydeRegalRyde, I wrote this without even looking at your name, sorry for sounding like I'm talking to a noob :hide:.
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AznPrydeRegalRyde said:
No sis wouldn't like that at all. She doesn't know that I'm driving hers right now, even tho my CTS is in the driveway. ;)

When you took off quick, did you brake-torque at all, or just give it full throttle from a stop?

Sorry, I just really wanna squeel the tires, while their my sisters tires. :)
Get some water on those rear tires to help em break loose; once the engine gets some rpms it can carry the burn, but not so long that youre going to be able to melt the tires off the rims. I almost always do this as I leave the car wash!:burn:

I swear officer, I was just drying my tires!:cop:
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