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?'s for 3.2L auto owners

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So I've been housesitting for my sister for the past week. I've driven her 03' auto quite a bit the last few days and I've noticed alot more about the car then the previous times I've driven it.

My question is about burnouts and hard launches. When I floor it from a stop, it doesn't really get any power until about 4000 rpm and it won't chirp the tires.
Then if I try to brake-launch, the computer only allows me to rev to 2000 rpm and I still don't have enough power to chirp the tires from a launch. I even filled the tires to 34 lbs each and still nothing. Is this normal? For a sport sedan, I'd really love to be able to chirp the tires, even if she doesn't have a stick. I know it's only 220 hp, but still....
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i squaked the tires from a light the other day with my 3.2. i meant to take off quick (car of hot chicks next to me) but i didn't intend to nail it. i do have the volant on, and i've noticed the acceleration is definitely better in the low end torque. i know EXACTLY what you mean about hitting it, getting a little pull, then all the sudden it pulls like a mad-man around 4000 rpms and gives you a "launching" feeling. saaaaay, i've got a k&n for sale...but i have a feeling siss wouldn't like that...
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