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Just wondering for those driving in cold salty climate if rust is an issue?

Is rust crown proofing worth it?

I read this... I quote, no clue if it's true.

This car was an engineering exercise, the Blackwing powertrain was secondary, the most important thing about this car was that the thing was 64% made of aluminum and the other 36% was hybrid steels. Everything outward facing, all the body panels, all the structure of the unibody that faces the road and was prone to corrosion was aluminum, the few structural beams that required them to make them out of steel were inside the cabin, hence what they built was a Caddy that was never going to rust, which living in Atlantic Canada is why I'm trying very hard to find one of these, not necessarily the Blackwing edition, just any CT6, I narrowly missed one with the 3.0L TT just last month, some person beat me too it. With proper maintenance the CT6 has the potential to last forever if you live anywhere where rust is an issue, just don't crash it, getting bodywork done is still a pain with the aluminum, not all shops are up on fixing it yet.
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