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2001 Deville; 1990 Brougham
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Hello all,
This should probably belong in the "detailing section", but I wanted responses from other 60 owners or fleetwood owners as well as deville owners, I just thought that fleetwood/ 60s more often have the vinyl top than other models. On my 1993 Sixty Special with the Rubber Vinyl Top, the rear window trim is popping out. In one place about 2 inches long, there is no trim and it has been filled in with some black filler - I have no idea what it is. It was like this and as far as I have seen, has not gotton worse or better, but it is something that I would like to have taken care of. Is there a place I could go or do something myself to repair or replace this? Also, are there any estimate figures anyone could give me? Thanx in advance.
Jacob Hoppe

Here is a page that I setup with a few pictures of the problem
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