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Rt. Rear Window Opens....

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When I drive in hard rain, the right rear window sometimes opens by itself and can only be closed using the switch on that door. I've had this problem before and it was "fixed" by replacing a few connectors in the door.

It happened again after about ten months from the original repair made in an Eastern state. I took it to FRANK KENT Cadillac in Ft. Worth and they referred to a "Service Bulletin" that referred to a wire bundle in the right front door as the possible cause.

After opening, drying (it WAS wet) and resealing the bundle, they sent me on my way. If you are in the area, passing through, or live here, I cannot say enough about how professional and friendly these people are.

"Texas Jim" is correct that this may be the best dealer for service in the country, or certainly in the top few...
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