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Well my certified warranty ended back in April and today I get my first message on my DIC. "Service Suspension Sys". Oh boy! nothing like scaring the S#@T out of me. One of the most expensive areas to repair. Anyways, on the way home, another message displayed stating that my top speed is now limited to 90 mph!

So with the help of this site I ran the diagnostics and it returned a C0584 code as current. It did show a C0852 as History???. In any case, I do have the complete set of GM repair manuals and it seems that there are numerous test that are required along with a scanner tool to pinpoint the failure?

The ride seems normal, and I don't notice anything in particular wrong with the vehicle. I erased the codes and plan to pull all 4 wheels off this evening and check the connections for the sensors.

Does anybody have any ideas what I can do? or does this require the dealer to run the complete diagnostics to determine if there is a failure?

Any help would be appreciated.


I spoke to one Dealer and he said just guessing without doing the diagnostics could be a wheel speed sensor due to the message of limiting my speed to 90 mph. But of course they don't know without looking at it. I took the 4 wheels off last night but didn't see any loose connections.

My co-worker has a relative that works for GM and does some type of testing on current and future models. He said he could lend me a scanner and have it loaded with my models info based on Vin # for one day. I'm going to read my service manual and see if it is too difficult to follow the step by step procedures to determine the actual cause.

If so, then a trip to the dealer will be my next and only option.
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