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Hi CadFans,

I'm a newbie here, and a newbie w/Cadillacs. I am planning (no: I WANT TO) to buy a 96 STS which has these error messages. The car seems to be wrecked a little on the left side, but no signs of major repairs (the bumber was replaced and the left headlight is a little misaligned) Hopefully just a low speed bump.

Is this error serious problem though?

They ask about $9500 OTD, which here in Hungary (Eastern Europe) seems to be a pretty good deal (there are like 10 of these in the country). The car has 79000 miles, and clean inside. Both RS0060 and RS0038 were current, and the system said Service Ride Control. When I finished the testing, the SRC message dissapeared and RS0038 became History. The 0060 is still Current.

Can the car live with that?

Don't tell me NO, couse I have already paid made a downpayment on it!
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