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RPO codes ?

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Hi what will is say on the RPO codes for an gearbox (automatic) i have an escalade esv 2003 6.0 l engine and i wanna know what transmission it has
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4l60e (M32)
Yep I see an M32 on there.
Here are some specs.

Hydra-matic 4L60-E

RPO Codes
M30, M32

Production Location
Toledo, Ohio

Romulus, MI

Vehicle Platform, Engine/Transmission, Usage
C/K 800

Transmission Drive
Longitudinally-Mounted Rear Wheel Drive

1st Gear Ratio

2nd Gear Ratio

3rd Gear Ratio

4th Gear Ratio


Torque Converter Size, Diameter of Torque Converter Turbine
300 mm

Pressure Taps
Line Pressure

Transmission Fluid Type

Transmission Fluid Capacity, Approximate
300 mm Converter

Dry: 11.50 l (12.1 qt)

Transmission Type: 4
Four Forward Gears

Transmission Type: L
Longitudinal Mount

Transmission Type: 60
Product Series

Transmission Type: E
Electronic Controls

Position Quadrant
P, R, N, Overdrive, D, 2, 1

P, R, N, Overdrive, 3, 2, 1

Case Material
Die Cast Aluminum

Transmission Weight Dry, Approximate
300 mm Converter

86.17 kg (190.5 lb)

Transmission Weight Wet, Approximate
300 mm Converter

98.4 kg (218.0 lb)

Maximum Trailer Towing Capacity
6 130 kg (13,500 lb)
I believe they switched from the M30 to the M32 in late 02' for the 03' Escalade's
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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