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Rotten Egg/Sulfur smell in cabin

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2016 Escalade- 48k miles

Recently I've been noticing that after slowing down after driving at faster speeds (50+ mph) and then coming to a stop or near stop in traffic, I get quick blast of a nasty smell in the cabin of the car. I keep my car extremely clean, even with the kids occasionally snacking while shuttling to sports so I know it's not food. Also, just changed my cabin air filter myself to be sure it wasn't that.

The only other time in my driving history I can remember smelling something like this was when my catalytic converter was going out in an old car I bought as a teenager. Can this really be the case in a 4 year old car with less than 50K miles? I put some cat cleaner in the fuel but I feel that most of those products are outdated/snake oil because gasoline now a days is an extremely good cleaner.

I've also been reading that it could be the battery when it's on it's last leg trying to keep up with the vehicle. Never had a battery generate a smell, but I suppose it's possible.

Any thoughts/suggestions/experience with this issue?
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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