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2010 CTS 3.6DI Performance
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I have a 2010 CTS sedan with about 18,000 miles. No sunroof leak issues, even through car washes, until just a few days ago. It was parked out in a parking lot during a slow steady rain for about 3 hours. It was parked on a slight incline, with the front of the car somewhat higher than the rear. Later in the day there was a small amount of water dripping from the area around the panel which houses the sunroof/shade switches. I pulled the panel down and there was not a lot of
water and I don't think any of the electrical items got wet. No other areas of the headliner were wet. Could a blocked drain cause water to back up and enter the cabin at this location, in the middle of the front of the roof opening? Any others had this issue?

I will appreciate any information you send can my way.
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