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It's quick. If you have full glass coverage, there will be no deductible.

You should hurry and get it fixed as soon as you can. With the hot summer sun, there's a very good chance that if you leave it in the sun that little bullseye will quickly develop into a giant crack that's not repairable. In the meantime, park it in the shade, leave it in your garage, whatever. Also, don't let water get in it. Put some tape on it (like scotch tape, not duct tape as all that gooey adhesive will gum up the crack). Water in the crack/bullseye can vastly complicate the repair.

The glass repair guy can come to wherever your car is or you can just drive to their shop. He squirts some resin of some kind in it and then sucks all the air out, etc, etc. Takes about 15 minutes and in many cases, you can't even see the damage anymore! It's rather amazing. I've had probably eight of these kinds of fixes done to my various cars so far and insurance paid 100%. They'd rather pay the $30 for each bullseye rather than $200 for an entire windshield.

If it's anywhere near your field of view, the insurance company won't fix it, they'll replace the whole windshield - liability issues. And you get to pay the deductible. :( Just don't tell them it's in your line of sight, tell 'em that it's, like, off to the side or something. :angel:

Any way you look at it, fixing the glass is better than replacing it unless it develops a crack that's too big to fix. Bottom line is, get it fixed ASAP.
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