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road trip

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Got back yesterday 1420 mile round trip Michigan to Kentucky and back average mpg 29.8. Worst tank 26 including 2 miles in 45 minute traffic jam on I 65. Best 30.0 in northern Indiana flat lands. Lots of construction going on. Worse experence, woman driving a Mercedes tried to take the side off the Cad. Changed lanes without bothering to look. Lucky the shoulder wasn't closed.
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I reset mine every tankful, and compare the results to my calculations. The computer is usually within 0.5 mpg either higher or lower than actual, and usually more accurate than that. My current mileage is up a bit incidentally since I had the piston/plug campaign performed. My current reading is 28.2 MPG on Premium, at an average 33.2 MPH, which equates to about 65-70% highway, with about 200 miles on this tankful. Never been this good with this pattern, so I'm very pleased. Hopefully, it will keep up. Also, it runs better, too.
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