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road trip

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Got back yesterday 1420 mile round trip Michigan to Kentucky and back average mpg 29.8. Worst tank 26 including 2 miles in 45 minute traffic jam on I 65. Best 30.0 in northern Indiana flat lands. Lots of construction going on. Worse experence, woman driving a Mercedes tried to take the side off the Cad. Changed lanes without bothering to look. Lucky the shoulder wasn't closed.
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Car 2014 2.0T Auto - 90%+ Hwy - Avg Speed 70 mph - Jarrell, TX to Jacksonville, NC
My mileage for this road trip is as follows:

1st fill - 300 miles/10 gals = 30 mpg
2nd fill - 319 miles/9.8 gals = 32.55 mpg
3rd fill - 350.4 miles/10.6 gals = 33.05 mpg
4th fill - 430.3 miles/14.3 gals = 30.09 mp (1.5 days of city driving)

NOTE - all calculation were done with mileage from the car and fuel slips.
How many of you reset you Avg Mileage when you fill up on gas?
I tried speeds from 60 to 80 and 70 seems to be my sweet spot. According to may scan gauge I am not in boost, the fuel trims are spot on and the cat temp is within normal range. Checked the oil and it would be hard to tell if any was used. The oil life dropped about 10% in 1,400+ mile trip.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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