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AirJigga25 said:
Where do you like to drive your Caddy??
Anywhere and everywhere! When my mom owned her, man she saw the country! My parents are full-time RVers and dad drove the rig (Ford F-650 truck and Royals Carriage 38' 5th wheel) and she followed in the car. She bought it in Vienna, VA (A Moore Cadillac) and they moved to TN. Then made a big circle through the midwest, over to CO, down to NM, and back to VA, when I bought her. Since, we've been out to Arkansas for Thanksgiving/Christmas a few times (paternal grandparents live there), we've driven down to Florida for our honeymoon (to catch a cruise out of Pt. Canaveral). Then we went back out to Arky again. We're now planning a move to Fayetteville, NC (job transfer) and have been down there a few times. Right after we get moved, we're going to drive up to Michigan to see maternal family up there.

My bump-around is my '95 Nissan truck. 4-cyl, 5-sp, good mileage, tough as a boot. But when we want to get out on the road, we jump in the Caddy, and we get out A LOT! We've put 31k miles on 'er in about 16 months.
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