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I've driven my caddy 22,000 miles since I bought it May 18th, 2002. In the summer I love to go away every weekend and get the hell out of the city. There's nothing like taking a road trip in your caddy because the drive is so enjoyable, so comfortable, and the car is so accomodating. Last summer I drove mine from Boston to Northern Vermont on the weekends, From Boston to Nothern Maine several times, From Boston to the Cape constantly...I'd park her in Woodshole because I went to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket about 6 times. The miles just roll by and you don't even notice... This summer I'm taking the HK2 (car's name) to the great state of Michigan to see family and enjoy a week away from the bustle. I long to park it next to my uncle's 1976 Baby Blue Cadillac Eldorado Convertible...

Where do you like to drive your Caddy??
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