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Last Aug. my wife & I left W. Mi. and crossed into Canada at Sarnia on the way to Niagra Falls. Saw the sights, won $1,500 US at the casino and decided we had time to go to the coast and get some lobster. Took the 90 toll road to Boston and later had dinner in Glouster at a lobster restaurant on the pier. Just wonderfull.
I got real sick of traffic on 90 going through NY so on the return trip we took I-81 to I-86 accross NY to Erie, PA. then on to MI.
The jaunt on I-86 added about 6 hrs to the trip but it was great. Wide open road, very little traffic and the Caddy was kept close to 100 most of the time. Wife gets a little nervous over 100 so I kept it off the limiter for her. What a fun day of driving.
So if you got a little extra time and your headed this way I would really sugest that drive.
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