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1994 Cadillac Deville 4.9, 1995 mazda millena
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Awright im planning on taking a 800 mile round trip over a two day period the end of next month when its gonna be really hot out. i have a 94 deville with a 4.9 with 216,000 miles on the body, the engine has 70k and a brand new transmission. ive gone over and checked through the following things

- all hoses (the oil lines to the radiator have a small leak but not enough to drip onto the ground) all others are good
- belt (have two spares in the trunk)
- all fluids are ok not leaking (except oil from the lines)
- new water pump
- new ps pump
- tires hopefully to be replaced before the trip
- maybe new plugs an such also before the trip
- the ac compressor makes a noise +grinds i believe is the bearing(thats why i have two belts one smaller to bypass the ac compressor if it acts up)
- needs rotors in the front they vibrate a little when hitting the brakes but shouldnt be a problem

no codes except for suspension

as far as the suspension goes the sway bar end link clunks a here and there but everything else is tight and solid as far the bearings and such

is there anything im missing n should check on, or should keep and eye on during the trip? i dont want to make it back home and regret taking it over my other car, all help n comments are greatly apreciated
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