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Right outside mirror 2004 DeVille

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I just got a used 2004 Deville, pretty good shape. The right outside mirror dosn't work. I can hear the motor running, but the mirror won't turn any direction. How do I get the glass
out to check the connetion of the mirror to the motor? I have looked at it and did a little prying on it, but I am afraid I am going to break the glass. I am guessing you shouldn't have
to remove the mirror from the door to do this. Thanks
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Use a piece of wood to pry the glass out. It's held in place by 4 ball & sockets. Ball on the mirror and sockets on the actuators. When you reinstall it, use a 2x4 or such so as to put even pressure on the mirror edges, not the glass.

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I've used a paint stir-stick or a trimmed down piece of laminate flooring. Don't be afraid to pry it out--it'll pop out way before the glass breaks. Even so, what have you got to lose? It isn't working, so pry it out and find out why.
Ok I pryed out the glass, this is what I found. Someone glued the glass in, so when I pried it out, it broke off the motor. So now it is broke off, Can I replace the motor without pulling the door panel off, I think the plug for the motor may be down in the door, I don't know. Or can you replace the motor while it is in the mirror, by unhooking the wires at the motor??? Just wondering where to go now? Where could I find a motor and mirror I will need both. Beings they glued it in and it broke off the motor........ Thanks
You would be better off going to Ebay or the Men's Mall and getting a whole new mirror. If you do some searching you might get lucky and find one in the right color and won't need to paint it.
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