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Ride quality...

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I'm new to first car was a 1977 Volvo, which was like a tank with a really solid feel to the ride.

I've had my 1992 Brougham D'Elegance since September 2008, and drive it mainly on the smooth ride and 'floaty' feel. My question to seasoned Cadillac owners is soft is too soft when it comes to ride? The car drives like it's on a cloud, however sometimes the thing really bobs up and down (albeit gently) if I take it over a slight bump or change in pavement surface. If I lean on the front end and let go, there is a slight rebound...should it be stiff?
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One test that any good technician would preform is a bounce test.

Put your knee on the bumper an lean on it until the car wont go down any further. Quickly get off the bumper and count how many times the body bounces. It should go up and down ONCE and then slowly return to its position. If it continues to bounce then the shocks/springs are bad and should be replaced. Do this to both the front and rear shocks.
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