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Ok, I replaced the shocks with new because the air bladder had holes in them.
I checked the air pump it is ok.
I shorted 30/87 and the pump puts air in the shocks and no leaks.
I checked the relay, it is good.
When the ig switch is on, the pump does not start for a few seconds.
I checked the fuses, they are good.
When I shorted the relay and put air in the shocks they stayed inflated.
When I turned the ign off the air was not released from the shocks.
I don't see why the exh solenoid would keep the pump from starting on startup,
must be a reason the relay is not getting power on initial start.
What to check next?
Only reply if you have an answer to my ?
And if I need to check & verify another device, specify the location of the device and how to check it.

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Get a tech-2 and pull the codes

There is multiple sensors in the system that can trigger the service ride control message

You have four lift/dive sensors
A yaw/lateral sensor(under the center console)
Steering wheel position sensor
Four actuators (one at each shock)
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