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After doing the LS7 clutch kit from East Coast Performance two week ago, I order the revshift insert. I went to install it today, and my transmount looked brand new after 150k miles. I thought why not install anyway. Dropped the front of the Corsa exhaust and jacked up the trans as mentioned in this thread. I used the lube they sent as well as spraying "rubber lube" into the cavities of the mount. Used a 10" long 2X4 and placed it against the insert. About 10 blows later with an 8 lb. hammer on the 2X4, wala, it was in. I only have driven it about 9 miles home from my shop, but I like it a lot. Feels better, and a slight increase in trans gear whining, but it lessened after a few miles. I believe it to be a worthwhile mod since I am also doing the carrier modification with the windshield butyl in two weeks.
1 - 2 of 123 Posts
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