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2004 CTS-V
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I just installed the insert and motor mounts. No need to remove the mount, takes 15 min or less.
-Get the exhaust pipes out of your way (removed the midpipes on my corsa).
-Put a jack under the back of the trans with a block of wood inbetween.
-Jack up the back of the trans until the mount hits its uptravel limiter.
-Lube up the insert
-Shove it in the gap in the mount (this will take some force. I got it started then bumped it in with a dead blow hammer)
-Drop jack
-Re-install midpipes
-Enjoy no extra vibes, less trans movement and a non-sunk trans mount

I am quite pleased with the whole package (motor and trans mounts)
How do the motor mounts feel in combination with the trans mount? Just curious about the vibes.

Edit: saw your post in the other thread. Might have to pick these up in that case if the vibes aren't bad. My stockers are shot and I feel a bit of a shake at idle and shutdown and get the loud bang between 1-2 shifts.
1 - 1 of 123 Posts
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