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I swapped my stock mount with insert, out for the creative steel mount. (been in for a few weeks now; wanted to thoroughly test it before giving the update)

Gotta say I think it is the best of both worlds. I didn't like how the revshift insert made 1st and reverse feel better at the expense of a notchier 2nd and 4th.

Even after letting the insert "settle in" for a while (months) I like the sound with the creative steel better. I still hear the growl of the engine under load through it, but not so much droan as before.

Shifter feels nice and solid, and all my gears feel equally easy to move to.

The insert is not a bad product by revshift, I just favor this new mount more.
I think I'm gonna give the CS transmount a try. I currently have the RS insert in there and had to reverse the spherical cup in the base of the shifter to get it into reverse. Wasn't a problem until I reassembled my car. I use the Katech shifter.
1 - 3 of 123 Posts
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