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I've been having a little trouble lately with my 93 Sedan DeVille 4.9. Every so often when I let up on the gas, the car decides to accelerate instead of slowing down. The acceration is not so bad that I can't stop the car normally with the brakes, but it's annoying. Sometimes even in idle, in neutral, the engine will run fast. It will usually slow down to normal within a few seconds.

I took the car to a mechanic, who happened to be busy at the moment -- but told me the problem is a return-to-idle switch that is known to act up intermittently on these cars. He would be happy to do it later on.

Well, since then the car has been behaving -- but on certain days it decides to do it. Then it acts fine. This evening it has decided to act up again.

Is anybody here familiar with this switch? Why is there a switch for return-to-idle? Whatever happened to a spring? The big questions is, are these switches readily available, and are they hard to replace yourself? If anyone here has information on this, please let me know.

Gary Tayman
Sarasota Florida
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