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Return from the dead

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Well finally figure why not!

Well after a few years of parting with my 83 Fleetwood, I finally captured me a 1978 Sedan Deville! Not to shabby considering the body, though oxidized is in really good shape, other than the typical wear/replacement of Cadillac's "signature" failed plastic fillers for the rears. I am however in a rut as far as looking for anything else body wise (mostly interior) Door Panel Switch assembly (plastic wood grain assembly with seat/window/door locks) window sweeps (interior/exterior) and exterior (rocker panels).. I have recently reupholstered the headliner (since the original owner thought he could do it himself and failed) and did some junk yard diving in my area and added both vanity visors and visor mount assembly with lights off an 83 Fleetwood brougham. I was also doing some research on this and from what I've heard is that the 78 Sedan Deville body parts might be interchangeable not only with the years of 77-79 Sedan Deville’s, but also can be used with 77-80 Sedan Deville and Fleetwood cars as well..

So in short!!

Can anyone tell me if this is true or how interchangeable the body parts (interior door panels) Rocker Panels, Door window glass, door.window switches, interior.exterior window sweeps.. are interchangeable from 77-79 Sedan Deville’s and 77-80-81 Sedan Deville/Fleetwood Cars..?.. THNX


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