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Restoring an 86 d'elegance, just had some quick questions for you guys. The car has been sitting for a LONG time. Try 2 years. :)

- Both ECM and BCM were fried, replaced with new ones (ones from a wrecker I should say). Digital dash and accessories now work, code E22 comes up (ISC motor fault I'm assuming) upon doing the OFF+WARMER trick. Will an ISC motor from a 92 4.9 deville work, and if so, how hard is it to adjust the idle/timing so that E22 code doesn't come up anymore?

- Upon getting the digital dash to work, it says theres 23 liters of gas in the tank (about 1/4 to 2/3'rds full), but should I add any supplements/treatment given that the car was sitting for so long? I live here in eastern Canada so yes, the car was subjected to some harsh winters...

- Best way to fix a rearview mirror that came off the windshield? Do all those adhesives you see in NAPA work, or will it come off again months later?

- Need to replace the headlights, whats the easiest way to do that... go up from underneith? I'm not talking about the bulbs - I'm talking the entire light assembly itself - looks like someone smashed them in. Will be taking a trip down to the wreckers again just for the lights but they have a "you pull it" policy in effect...

- Will be replacing the water pump with a brand new one from NAPA as its "squeaky" and wobbly right now. Does the 4.1 need the coolant supplement as does the 4.5/4.9?

- Is there anything else I need to know to get the 4.1 running in tiptop shape? Oil is pitch black but otherwise fires up okay. I think I'm going to change all the spark plugs, wires and all the filters anyway. Seeing as how the oil hasnt been looked after by the previous owner, is there anything I should probably watch out for in the first little while after this car is put back on the road? Or just change it and assume its going to be okay?

- Car will obviously get new hubs/rotors, brakes, etc. Shocks look to be okay, well, enough to pass the safety check anyhow.

Any help is appreciated.

It has also occured to me that the Internet can be used for sharing pictures that are not of a sexual nature - I will post pics of my progress. :)

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