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its been a while since i have posted on here and so i figured i would start with this post to freshen up a little!!

the car: 1998 deville concours 117k miles fully restored!!

I got the car for a song and a dance from a country boy up here in michigan ( this was NOT a city car ) needed hg's so off to see my friend jake at northstar performance she went.. jake found the block was rotted on mine so he replaced everything!!! she runs excellent!!! Thanks again jake!

brought her home from canada, drove it 40 miles to the body shop where she was completly stripped, sanded, primed, painted, cleared, wheeled out.. i replaced everything there aswell, headlights, marker lights, body moldings, ect.

took her from there straight to the detail shop and installed new carpet, headliner, steering wheel, and died some other pieces.

i am telling you this because this way you can see how much love and money i have in this car..

so i decided to replace the suspention because of a noise up front. so i figured since i already had 6000 into it i might aswell put another 3000 and do it right so i replaced both swaybar links all four struts, all four springs, all strut mounts, bushings and bolts, all parts were either monroe or moog or ac delco. the shop aligns it and tell me shes ready.. the ride is decent but i am still having the SAME front end noise!!!!!

We rode together me and the mechanic who also noted the noise... well after some advice from jake and the shops 4 ase master mechanics we cant find ANYTHING loose, damaged, we removed the swaybar links and checked the swaybar bushings and they are tight. I am at a loss, 3000 to fix a clunk and the sound is still there!!

Please any ideas before i take her to the cadillac dealer? i cannot take clients out in a car that the front end sounds like is gonna fall out of it... it sounds horrible and seems to be more on the right front than anywhere else..

THANK YOU for reading this post

special thanks to jake wiebe northstar performance

special thanks to joe yatoome march tire co

special thanks to les stanford cadillac

special thanks to ace collision

special thanks to browns detail

for making this possible and dealing with my impatient ass!!!

I know it seems crazy to put 10k into a 98 concours but i love this body style the most out of all the devilles i have owned and i cant justify spending 57000 on a new dts when mine is just as good and i rebuilt it my way :yup:

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Front end noise. Take the car to a fairly large parking lot. From about 15 mph, in straight lines and turns, operate the brakes so as to get the front of the car to bob up and down - like a slow brake pump on ice. You listen for a rhythmic creak or groan each time the front rises and falls. If you get this it's either the upper strut mounts or the Intermediate Steering Shaft - the "universal" slip joint between the base of the steering column and the rack. This has been a Cadillac FWD problem over the years. There is an "upgrade" steering shaft in the field. Other possibility would be a spring rubbing on some body or suspension part.

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Jamie - Sub said what I had forgot - the intermediate steering shaft. Most common at low speeds, sharp turns. Replace that too (I found a great article on how to do this, it's easy, just didn't bookmark it.) and hopefully that will take care of the noise -

I will look into the rear cradle for you now that I'm back in Ontario for about 1-1.5 weeks.

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